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About Siberian Forest Cats

A Low-Allergen Breed of Cat With a Unique History.

Some stories tell us that the earliest known reference of Siberians are from 1000AD. But when did they gain recognition as a breed? In September of 1989 a group of breeders from Leningrad and Moscow applied for the registration of the Siberian Cat to the SFF. The breed then became registered  on August 6th, 1990 (Certificate №1). At the same time the colourpoint Siberian was also registered as a "unique color variety" of the Siberian with a second name "Neva Masquerade" (Certificate №2). In the United States, the Siberian was not accepted for registration by TICA until the 1990's and the CFA until 2000. Siberians are still a fairly rare breed to find, though they are rapidly gaining popularity. 

TICA describes the breed as a "strong, powerfully built cat with strong hindquarters helping them jump exceptionally high. They are a slow-maturing breeding reaching full magnificence at about 5 years of age". Many Siberian owners feel that the Siberian cat is similar, in some ways, to the Norwegian Forest cat or the Maine Coon cat in that they have dog-like, extroverted personalities and beautiful bushy fur. But we feel the Siberian cat is superior. Superior how? This Siberian is safe for most individuals with cat allergies or highly sensitive individuals: it is considered a mostly-hypoallergenic breed. That's right. If you've been allergic to cats in the past, and thought you could never have a cat, your life may have just been changed forever. 

The main cause of cat allergies in people is Fel D1. Fel D1 is a protein with unknown function and is produced by the skin and by salivary and lacrimal glands of all cats. It is transferred to the cat's fur by licking and grooming. Then dried saliva and dandruff are spread from the cat hair as small airborne particles into the surrounding environment. Siberians, however, produce less of this protein than other cat breeds. And this low level of FelD1 makes them low-allergen. Many of the individuals that adopt from us are allergic to cats. 

FelD1 levels do vary with each individual cat. Does sex determine FelD1 levels? Some say that female Siberians tend to be more low-allergen than male Siberians. However, in our experience, we have not found that sex is related to FelD1 levels. What about color? Some research does indicate that tabbies have the lowest levels of FelD1 and that cats with white fur or very silvery fur have the highest. There is not enough stable and consistent data to confirm this, however. What is important to understand about FelD1 is this: every single cat has a different FelD1 level. In a litter of five, some kittens may be classified as very low and some as average. And what this translates to is that just because you ARE allergic to a particular Siberian, does NOT mean you are allergic to all of them. Typically people with mild cat allergies can comfortably be placed with most all Siberians ("Standard Siberians"*). However, the worse the cat allergy, the more important to get a cat that has been FelD1 tested to be “low” or “very low”. Tested Siberians cost more. That said, it is helpful to know that IF you do react to some Siberians, you can still always be placed with a Siberian you won’t react to. It just means you’ll need to get one that is tested and shows low levels.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

These beautiful, friendly, very curious, even-tempered long-hair kitties are affectionate and intelligent. We raise our Siberians with love, by hand, in a clean environment. Siberians are GREAT with other pets such as dogs and cats and rabbits and turtles. They're sweet and gentle with children and even babies. They are very easy to groom (despite their longer coat) and frequently lick and clean themselves. They are also a very low-shedding breed (despite their longer coat). Full grown they typically average 14-17lbs. 

Moubani Cats is a TICA and CFA certified breeder and operates under the CFA Breeder Code of Ethics. Moubani Cats also meets and exceeds the CFA Cattery Standard Requirements. Our cats and kittens are raised in our house and in their specially-built cattery. We handle them and love them everyday. 

More Details About our Siberian Kittens

We let our kitties go to their forever-home no earlier than 10 weeks of age. Our kittens are dewormed at 3 weeks, 5 weeks, and 8 weeks of age. At 10 weeks of age, they will receive one dose of Nobivac Feline 1-HCPCh+FeLV. 

All of our litters are registered with TICA. Your kitten have a 6-month Genetic Health Guarantee specific to the Siberian breed. And you will receive the registration to your kitten once spayed/neutered. 

The cost of each beautiful kitten is $1450. A $400 non refundable deposit is required to "hold" and $1050 is due at pick up. ***Your kitten is NOT reserved until we receive the deposit*** No exceptions. Also: prices are subject to change & increase in the Spring of 2019; however, once you place a deposit, you will be locked into the listed price at the time of placing your deposit. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS OR KITTEN PURCHASES. 

If you cannot pick up your kitten, we will consider shipping within the USA. This includes us getting the required paperwork to get your kitten on the plane, buying the flight for your kitten, and for our time taking your kitten to the airport and checking him or her on board. It is usually less expensive to purchase a round trip flight and pick up your kitten and take him or her home as your carry-on.

We do not allow breeding rights on any of our kittens. Spay/neuter is required. Please contact us with questions. You can click the link at the top right of the website to see Available Kittens or scroll down to use the Contact Us form. NOTE! We will get back to you within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us in 48hrs, please email us at moubanisiberian@gmail.com - we do not want to miss your inquiry if there is an unexpected technical glitch on our submission form! You can also text us with inquiries - 206-719-2492. If you would like to reserve your kitten now, click the yellow "Buy Now" button below. 

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your fur-ever friend or if you have any questions. 

WANT TO VISIT? Next open house is Sat May 25th 12-3pm.

We limit visitors to serious buyers only because it is stressful for our cats to be constantly "viewed"; it is also not in the health interest of our cats to constantly be exposed to new germs (especially from younger children) - especially when we have small kittens. However, if do want to visit, simply contact us to schedule your visit.

Next date for a free group visit: Sat May 25th 2019. We take up to 4 visitors at a time; each visit is up to 30min. OR we charge $75 for *private* visit (non-refundable) of up to 45min on either Monday or Wednesday evening between 5pm-7pm

Allergic to Cats?

Most people that buy from us are either allergic to cats or have a family member that is allergic to cats. As of present, we have not experienced a buyer of our kittens to have an allergic reaction to our cats; however, each cat has a different level of FelD1. If you are moderately to severely allergic to cats, you will likely want to have the FelD1 level of your specific kitten tested. On the other hand, if you have a low or average cat allergy (stuffy nose, moderately red/itchy eyes, some sneezing), a Standard Siberian* will probably be fine for you & specific-kitten-testing is probably not necessary. Either way, the option to test is available to you (in addition to coming to visit) - for a fee. As well, if you are in need of a Siberian that is tested to be low to very low in FelD1, we can also offer you this option. Our Siberians that are specifically tested to be low to very low in FelD1 cost $4000 per kitten and require a $1000 non-refundable deposit. Email us to discuss this option. *Our Standard Siberians are $1450 and require a $400 non-refundable deposit. Simply ask if you have questions about this.

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