Other Ways to Reduce Allergens in the Home


Purchase at least one high-quality Air Purifier for your home.

Invest in a high-quality air purifier. We recommend the IQ-Air. You can obtain models that will last decades. Either free-standing units or units that are built into your home. Click here for more information: HERE.

Get rid of carpets!

Nowadays many people spend around 80-90% of their time indoors. Carpets are breeding grounds for dust, dirt, dander and other irritating allergens. Consider tile, hardwood, bamboo, Marmoleum, or another smooth surface flooring.

Get rid of chemicals in the home!

Easier said than done. But continual small steps to reduce chemicals in the home will have big results on the air quality in your home, as well as on your health. Start by eliminating artificial fragrances and chemical cleaning products. Move toward using low VOC or zero VOC paints. When doing remodels, look for products that are sustainably harvested (these products are less likely to have been made with chemicals). Read more HERE about how many products in your home are likely off-gasing chemicals into the air you breathe. 

Get a really good HEPA Vacuum!

SO MANY vacuums advertise being "amazing", but really they only have good suction for the first few months. There is really only ONE vacuum brand that we think is AMAZING. They will last a decade and never lose suction. The Miele Vacuum is the best - and fun to use! Click HERE.

Hire a Green Cleaning company!

Keeping your home regularly cleaned will help to reduce allergens (as well as relieve the stress of having to do the cleaning yourself!). Why a "Green Cleaning" company specifically? To insure no additional chemical products are brought into your home. If you live in the Seattle/Seattle Metro area, we recommend Green Cleaning Seattle - Otium Maid Services - click HERE. If you live outside of our Metro area, try doing a Google search for local Green Cleaning companies in your area. 

Start LDA Treatment

You can begin to train your body to adapt and become less reactive to allergens. LDA stands for Low-Dose Allergy Treatment & research shows that it may be the best possible treatment for many patients with simple and complex allergies. LDA treatment is used to induce tolerance in patients with intolerances to foods and environmental allergens. LDA is a method of allergy desensitization using combinations of a variety of extremely low dose allergens (10 -14 to approximately 10 -6 or as low as 1 part in 1 quadrillion 1 to 1 part in 10 million). The LDA mixtures include pollens, animal danders, dust and dust mites, fungi, Candida, molds, foods, food additives, perfumes and common chemicals (not pesticides and herbicides). We recommend seeing Dr David Buscher for this treatment. Click HERE for more information. 


It's Bath Time!

Since we know that Fel D-1 will be found on the fur of cats, regularly bathing your cat will reduce allergens. Aim to give your kitty a bath 1-2 times a month. It isn't necessary (and many Siberian owners NEVER give their kitty a bath), but bathing will help reduce allergens by getting the Fel D-1 off your kitty's body and out of her fur. We like and trust the brand Dr Bronner's and have found that it is also a great, natural "flea shampoo". We suggest lavender or tea tree (peppermint can be too cold/cooling on the skin) or if your cat has dry or sensitive skin, opt for the "baby unscented" formula. Click HERE.

Adopt Your Long-Awaited Siberian Cat!

Now that you've set the stage for a boosted immune system and created a low-allergen space, maybe it is time to enjoy it with a new friend! :-) 206-719-2492 (please text if VM is full!)