Moubani-Cats Umelec Zom

Umelec Zom has just arrived via Moscow on 2/4/19 after a long lay-over in Korea

Snowmageddon 2019 delayed his flight for just over 24hrs but he is safely at home now in Seattle. 


Zom: Color D-23


Umelec Zom is a big, very affectionate guy, loves to communicate with people. He is active, brave & has a beautiful temperament.

Moubani-Cats Nicolas

Born a winner.

Nicolas is a Seal Lynx Point with White; he is a carrier of the solid gene; he was born on January 21, 2018. At only six months of age, Nicolas participated in "A Cup of Champions" in Moscow Russia. He won 2nd place in the "Fun Show Siberian Show" & 4th place as "Best Kitten". At six months of age, Nicolas was already 12lbs. Nickolas attended his first cat show in the United States on 12/2/18 in Portland OR for the CFA at "Santa Claws and Kitty Paws" where he gained his Championship status in the United States.

Moubani-Cats Dondezhe ajna

Dondezhe Ajna flew in from Moscow in June of 2019.

His color is "without tabby" and he carries the solid gene.

Prior to arriving to Moubani Cats, Dondezhe had already fathered two Siberian litters; he is a very friendly male.

He has participated in exhibitions and has titles in the WCF.

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